Open for business

Greetings and welcome to the opening of Whispers’ Cellar, an excellent BYO establishment! 😆

The Cellar will be a successor to Michael Taylor’s excellent Café Whispers. You may have noticed the look and feel here is very similar to that at the Café. This is on purpose so that contributors and lurkers quickly feel at home.

While we are a “left-leaning” group, genuine contributors are always welcome. We are independent and of course we’re biased – get used to it. 😀

To minimise spam and “illwillians” (© TT from TPS), the site has been setup so that all contributors must have their first comment approved before it will be posted. Please be patient with us during the first week or so – Florence & Bacchus will be busy approving comments as soon as they can.

Social Media
We can be found on Twitter – @WhispersCellar
and Facebook –

Anyone who has an article they would like published is welcome to submit it for consideration of publication. We are also seeking more regular authors.

Regular feature
We’re going to have a page for letting everyone know what’s happening on other blogs – Around the blogs. If you see something elsewhere you think readers here may find interesting, this will be a place to post it.

Contact us / feedback
On the menu bar at the top of the page we have a ‘Contact Us’ page for your suggestions and feedback or to let us know you have articles for publication. ( Constructive suggestions on how we can make the site better for you are always welcome!