Welcome to 2015 in the ‘Cellar’


2015 promises to be an exciting year for those who follow Australian politics. Firstly we have a NSW election scheduled for the 28th March – this could be interesting with the fallout from ICAC and the continued toxic contamination from the federal government.

Next we have an election due in Queensland before the 20th June – I hope to have much more to say about this over the next couple of months. It looks like Premier Campbell Newman will almost certainly lose his seat to Labor’s Kate Jones, Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney is facing increasing corruption allegations and is becoming very toxic in the bush. Once again we have the ‘Abbott factor’ helping Labor in this state. Could Labor go from nine seats to government in one election? Could the LNP be a one-term government? We certainly hope so!

Sitting atop state goings-on, we have the debacle that is (currently) the Abbott government. Could it be a ‘Bishop’ government or a ‘Morrison’ or ‘Turnbull’ government before 2015 is done with us? Then we have another budget due from ‘Eleventy’ when the last one still isn’t settled! Whatever happens, we’re in for interesting times.

I know the TPS Team at Ad Astra’s The Political Sword has big plans for 2015, and Michael & Carol Taylor’s AIMN is powering ahead.

During 2015 at the ‘Cellar’, we hope to encourage writers who’d like to have their creative offerings published, to make use of this site. We see this place as a supportive environment for new bloggers to get started without the hassle of creating a blog from scratch. We also hope to become a feeder site to more established blogs like The Political Sword and the AIMN as writers gain confidence and experience. Of course, we’d also welcome experienced writers to contribute pieces as well – show the beginners how it’s done 🙂

If you’d like to have a go at writing a piece, or would like to contribute to the Cellar on a regular basis, contact us via the tab at the top of the page (https://whisperscellar.wordpress.com/contact-us/). With the state elections due this year, some may like to put fingers to keyboard and let us know how you see these elections playing out – what are the local issues?

We’re looking forward to an ‘interesting’ 2015 and hoping Whisper’s Cellar can become a regular part of your conversations.


5 comments on “Welcome to 2015 in the ‘Cellar’

  1. Florence,

    I’ll bring the discussion over on to this thread which may be more appropriate than Contact Us. 🙂

    Bacchus, maybe some work on how the system works. Knowledge of the Constitution does not seem to be widespread. There is no understanding of the importance of convention or even the law. When it comes to this mob, all has been trashed. Separation of powers is being abused. The house is mislead every day in QT. Nothing is sacred or respected.

    It about more than party politics. It is about more than lies. People are confused. Looking at the response to the Lindl siege, many are concerned, not buying the spin. This unrest needs to be harvest.

    I am not sure what I am trying to say. If I keep rambling on., I might get somewhere.

    Some excellent ideas in there. The recent ‘discussion’ with Graham Houghton about his ill-conceived petition over at the AIMN proves that. Some discussion on how our various voting systems work and alternatives would fit in well too.

    Keep rambling into a document – before long you’ll have something that can be beaten into an article for posting 😉

  2. Will be glad to read it when you do. Yes interesting times. We are in a place we have never been before.

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