Meet the average Australian on January 2 2015. They are feeling very angry.


The following is a post by Dr David Pascoe BVSc PhD OVH Repro, originally posted on facebook, reproduced here with permission. Dr Pascoe, who runs a veterinary clinic in Oakey, Queensland, has been successfully exposing the political and corporate greed and corruption behind the destruction and sale of our farmlands for quite some time now.


It’s enough to break your heart.

The Australian people are only beginning to realise what our politicians have really done to us.

They have already sold most of our prime farmland to the big foreign owned mining companies and the giant corporations of the world.

The fact is, nearly every inch of our best farmland is going to be mined; maybe not now, but certainly sometime in the future.

Here on the Darling Downs – the nation’s finest food bowl – around 92% of the land is now under a mining lease.

There are some 32 open cut coal mines planned, and 40,000 coal seam gas wells.

Down in NSW, the coming apocalypse of farming will be just as bad: Santos announced to shareholders recently where it will be developing its new fields: – from Tamworth to Gunnedah and the Liverpool Plains, across to Narrabri, Moree and right up to Goondiwindi.

Farming will be eventually be obliterated, delicate aquifers destroyed and all the precious moisture sucked out of the soil.

Governments have already decided that we are no longer an agricultural and farming nation but rather, an energy producing one. They just didn’t bother to explain that to the Australian people.

Slipped it straight past the wicketkeeper, you might say.

Why didn’t they make it clear what they were really planning and give the nation a say? Lets just say that they had their reasons. One day we hope those reasons will be fully exposed to the people of Australia.

We have been fighting this battle to save the farmland for four years, and so many of our fellow soldiers of the soil have been in the trenches a great deal longer. We are all battle hardened by now, but our hearts still break.

We wish it wasn’t true, that we could all wake up one morning and discover it was simply a bad dream.

At least now that Australian people are beginning to understand the reality of it – and how horrifically bad it is.

In twenty years time, our prime farmland will resemble the Western Front in 1916. And probably worse.

At least the Australian people are beginning to realise that we are all in this together, and that’s a good thing.

Today one of our readers wrote a poem and sent it to us.

We’d like to share it with you.

Political and Corporate Lies.

They stand there in their pinstriped suits
while smiling through their teeth of gold,
with tarnished tongue they talk the talk
ignoring what they have been told.

They spruik to Aussies “things won’t change”
and care for all the farming lands
while wearing their ‘Berluti’ shoes;
gold and diamond rings upon their hands.

The farmers and the pubic now
will fight the fight and publicise,
how corporates want to take their land
then sell to foreign enterprise.

There’s way to much at stake,
it’s our own homeland they’ll destroy,
this ancient piece of history,
our future children won’t enjoy.

We’ve heard these lies before,
results are there for all to see.
View photos where they’ve mined,
they leave behind catastrophe.

We all now have to stand as one,
fight to stop this corporate greed.
Don’t let them sell Australia,

Stand tall —

Don’t let them succeed.

David J Delaney
02/01/2015 ©


39 comments on “Meet the average Australian on January 2 2015. They are feeling very angry.

  1. We hope to bring you more of what Dr David Pascoe has been doing over the coming weeks. His work is especially important in light of the NSW and Queensland elections due this year.

  2. I checked his facebook page after Bacchus recommended it. Some very interesting comments and investigations. The man talks evenly and sensibly and in a language that we can all understand. I just wonder what the bombshells for QLD are that may be avoided by going to the polls in Feb.

  3. Yes, we need to ask what has changed in Australia in the last couple of years, that our PM only sees us as a quarry. Even our cattle and sheep are being sent abroad alive.

    Our manufacturing industry instead of advancing into the digital age, has disappeared into the ether.

    We are outsourcing, overseas, our commercial, government and business management to call centres in the Asian area.

    We have a PM who has set himself up as chief salesman for the dying coal industry, along with uranium. Does not care who he sells through.

    We see our land drill for coal stream gas at great danger to the environment, Unlike the USA that bans overseas sales, we find we have no access to the gas.

    No, it is not only our agriculture that is being sold down the drain. it is ALL our jobs. The way has been found for employers to fill what is left, with 457 visas. No longer the land of the fair go.

    Not happy at demolishing our job markets, he has trashed our democracy and parliamentary system.

    …….. What happened to the basics of the Westminster system? We are supposed to vote for our local representative in a national forum who can, if in the party with the majority in that forum, help form government, elect a leader who chooses a cabinet that runs (the politics of) the country.
    Somehow we have ended up with an ersatz presidential system where we have (insert PM name) governments rather than party ones.
    We still have local representation, but the more senior they get the less actual local representation you get. Best avoid a high flyer.
    We have cabinets where no one ever seems to be qualified in the portfolio they are in – Susan Ley has a Masters in taxation, so she in the new Health Minister, while Joe Hockey, who has a law degree continues to be Treasurer.
    We are getting sound-bite. thought bubble policies, blinkered short term vision and a political culture of egocentric survival. I have no doubt that given the choice between a policy that is incontrovertibly good for the country – but bad for the government and one that is the reverse those ‘adults in charge’ we have voted for will choose the later every time..

    ‘What happened to the basics of the Westminster system? ‘

    Tony Abbott rewrote it when he declared that Labor had deposed ‘an elected Prime Minister’ and, worse, went on endlessly during the 43rd Parliament declaring that the Gillard Government was ‘illegitimate’, that she still had not been ‘elected by the people’ despite winning the 2010 election and, most egregiously, suggesting that the formation of the government by having the confidence of the majority of members in the House was some sort of fraudulent coup that flew in the face of the voters.

    We expect our politicians to glamourise themselves and denigrate their opponents – even misrepresent and lie on occasions. But we do not expect them to trash the fundamentals of our electoral system and our Constitution. Abbott and co, to their eternal shame, did .

    two comments from

    Sadly, I am not exaggerating. In fact I am scared for the future of my descendants which now number many, including great grand kids.

  4. I wonder if those who condemn Shorten for having no policies, being seen as spineless for not challenging Abbott, really thought their attitude through.

    Ii is the likes of Abbott and co that are screaming for Shorten to release policies. I wonder why?

    That is easy to answer. Abbott an the MSM can then turn their attention to any release Shorten makes. Yes, they can carry on, as they have over recent time, ridiculing anything Labor releases or stands for up to the next election.

    This takes the focus, and more important the pressure off Abbott. Of course many would love this.

    Labor has to be careful in the coming months. Yes, has to promote it’s vision without giving the Government the chance diverting the MSM from them. Abbott has to be made accountable for all his actions.

    It has nothing to do with this government stealing Labor’s policies. This government, unlike Menzies before them, have not the nous to do this.

  5. Florence,

    Your thoughts on the workings of our system are very pertinent to what Dr Pascoe hopes to achieve. Regional & rural people are starting to “get” that the National party, and especially the LNP in Qld, no longer represent their issues – haven’t for a very long time.

    Many of these country folk couldn’t countenance voting Labor, even though it can be demonstrated that they actually fare better when we have Labor governments – they need to be looking for good local independent candidates. They need to be “doing an Indi” in each of their electorates to unseat the party hacks that show no real interest in their problems. The article Democracy at work by AIMN contributor Sir ScotchMistery may provide a blueprint for what they need to do.

  6. Florence,

    You’re right, the earlier that the ALP launch policies the more time others have to ‘comment’ on them. However if they leave it too late, they are accused of not allowing the public time to make a decision.

    Maybe the better solution is not to release ‘policy’ documents at all – rather to set out a document with beliefs that will govern any term in office and release it. The argument then being about how the social, international and economic problems that are presented in the future cannot be addressed by policy documents written now – we have to adapt to the conditions at the time. The GFC is a perfect example.

    Howard, Rudd, Gillard & Abbott (and most recent State Premiers) have all suffered through releasing policy that will certainly happen – then finding out once in office that the policy certainly can’t happen. Apart from the loss of face to the individual leader – it destroys faith in the system. Lack of ability to introduce ‘promised’ policies also breeds the attack ads that are an all too common occurrence these days – which in turn breeds hatred of others.

    While I don’t know if we will ever get back to the days of legend when the Opposition Leader and the Prime Minister would share a drink in the office – it would be nice if they were genuinely civil to each other!

  7. Bacchus, yes we should always look at independents. We need to ensure they are not stand ins for either party, as seems to be a practice now. I am probably Labor t5o the bootstraps, but I also have great respect for many of the independents we have had over time, both state and federal. They bring balance to parliament.

    Good and genuine ones should be truly reflect the electorate who voted them in.

    This can only be good. Parties will have to work harder to get votes.

  8. 2353, no policy details but promoting what they stand for. Broad outlines, that can be filled in later. Must attack all of Abbott’s brain farts, that go against Labor policy. Much of Gillard’s policies, that where repealed by Abbott can be given new life. Yes, even that great big toxic carbon tax. Make the case for something to be done them work on policy.

    List what needs to e accomplish. Infrastructure for this century, both physical and human. Highly educated and skilled workforce, plus the likes of NBNCo, fibre nationally to the premises for starters. These are needed for us to take a place in the Asian century, as equals, not the poor white trash of the region.

    NDIS needs to be saved and implemented in full.

    Most of all, Labor has to confront the myth of deficit and debt. They can no longer afford to play this game. IMHO, it is one of the previous Labor governments worse mistake. I suspect they went along with it, believing the budget would comeback to surplus. What prevented this, was the high dollar that persisted so long. That was not usual. If a MRRT was put in place early, the proceeds used to support industry from the effects of the high dollar, things might have been different. In fact, would have been different. Then it is easy to identify errors in retrospect.

    I believe many are waking up to the fact, there is much more to good governance than debt, surplusesse3s and deficits. it is that myth, which Labor stupidly went along with that clouded all they achieved. The achievements were many.

    We need to stop blaming Murdoch and the MSM. That leads us nowhere. Leaves them controlling the agenda.

  9. 2353, I believe you have summed it up well. We also have tog et away from the concept that we have a Presidential parliamentary system., We do not., Our constitution is not based on parties either, The Founding Fathers in my opinion got it right. Yes, the local MP, voted in by the electorate,, is what it is about.

    Arguments are put forward, debated on the floor of both houses. Yes, the MP is accountable to the electorate thy came from. Not a party. Not corporate and media bosses. Not faceless men, such as the IPA.

    Labor is made up of two arms, union and political. Even they are moving away from the power the union arm had in the past. Yes, it as to come back to the community. I believe many understand this. It is time for a change.

    We, the voter have to do our part. We have to participate in out democracy. If we do not, we will lose it. Those bought up post war understood this, as the scars of Hitler were still too evident.

    We have to tear down the secrecy this government is hiding behind. Labor, in harness with the Greens and Independents need to lead the way.

    My comments are not only directed at Labor. It is directed at all.

  10. I see our brave leader,, has sneaked off to Iraq. Might feel safer there. Is he on holidays or not. Everything is so secret with this mob. I see that Dutton has reduced rebates to doctors by stealth. Will be end bulk billing. Will cost many much more that $5 per visit. more like nearly $40.

  11. He’s also managed to turn thousands of bulk-billing practices into campaign places against his government – well done Tones! Aren’t the admin staff going to love the extra work! 🙄

  12. So he’s in Iraq – hope he has a nice time.

    Anyone with even a slight sign of mental activity could have deduced that a reduction in bulk billing isn’t going to work unless people have already swallowed the ‘budget emergency’ rhetoric – which I don’t see much evidence of. They either are listening or they think the sun comes from so far up that other orifice that they honestly believe their unpopularity now will somehow translate into another election win come late 2015 early 2016.

  13. We’re up for an interesting 2015 in Queensland 2353. Already we have strong rumours of a panic early election by the horribly corrupt Newman government – word is an election before February is done…

    Tones’ antics should help the local Labor cause 😉

  14. When one looks at Greece and the results of austerity governments, that both Cando and stuntman say we need to save us from disaster, is this the society we want.

    ……………the scale of Greece’s economic and political crisis.

    The economic statistics are shocking by themselves. The country’s gross domestic product has shrunk by over 25 percent in a matter of five years. More than one in four working-age Greeks is unemployed, according to official statistics. Real wages have dropped by 30 percent, and industrial output has declined by more than a third.

    “The human cost has been immeasurable,” wrote economist Costas Lapavitsas in an article for the Guardian. “Homelessness has skyrocketed, primary health care has collapsed, soup kitchens have multiplied and child mortality has increased.”

    This is a direct consequence of the neoliberal measures demanded by the Troika, which have slashed Greece’s social safety net so the government could run a budget surplus–and continue servicing a crippling foreign debt that is nearly twice the size of the country’s total economic output for an entire year..

    We had heard many of our visitors warn us, if we do not reverse Labor’s toxic spending, cut welfare and cost of wages, we will leave future generations, debt they will never pay off.

    They keep saying this, when reality is, Labor left a strong economy. left a budget deficit trending downwards, while building the infrastructure, both human and physical for a prosperous future, enabling us to take our place in the Asian century as equals.

    They often used Greece as a warning.

  15. There’s a major difference with Greece too Florence – it’s debt is denominated in Euros. They probably need to leave the EU and re-establish their own currency. That would give them some chance of getting out of their mess – a bit like Argentina did (, but seem to be re-making the mistake of taking on debt in foreign currency again. (Bill has a way out of this for them too:

  16. I am aware that we have a different type of economy. What I was reminding those, who claimed that austerity was needed. look at the countries that went down that path.

    I don’t believe the bogey man of debt is working. I see Cando is going down the path of law and order, going after those bad bikies. When government falls back to this, they have nil to offer.

    It will be jobs and privatisation, no matter what Cando wants.

  17. I know that Bacchus. My comment for same reason. Still it is the message that must be hammered home. If we can do that. Abbott and co have nothing.

    Seem Burke, acting Opposition Leader out. saying they will support any action that is needed in SA to assist those affected by the fires.

    I now see that Abbott is visiting SA tomorrow.

    Unless I am wrong that is the first word on the fires from that camp. To busy talking up terrorism and extending the GST.

    Forgot, along with weakening IR laws and demolishing penalty rates

  18. My pick after Combet who has left the scene. Abbott going SA tomorrow. In tandem with the Premiere, Has to, as Queen has sent condolence.

    Unbelievable. Doctors are taking to the streets,

  19. Agree with that too – Albo is a good head-kicker, but I don’t see him as leader. There’s also those brothel allegations in his electorate that the Liarbril party would flog to death.

  20. Daly was an important member of the Whitlam team. Albo was shaping up as being somewhat as good.

  21. Is there any connect between Abbott and the government he leads. Definitely none between him and the voters.

  22. Look at all the people inside politics. What do the majority of them have in common? Not the common good, but feathering their own nests – hence, the reason why most of them are obese.

    Oh, they might start out talking altruistic mumbo jumbo, but once they’re in, they turn rotten and whore themselves to corporations.

    What really needs to change is the entire corrupt political system. It needs to be overthrown for the corrupt entity it is and corporations entitles need exposed and banned from political and financial involvement.

    The only way the current system will be overthrown is when the people worldwide join forces and rise up en masse against current systems, taking matters into their own hands.

    There needs to be an axing of political salaries, incentives and life-long benefits right across the board, making it financially unattractive for anyone to enter politics except those with a genuine spirit of altruism and love for their fellow man.

    Let’s start with that, because it’s not good enough to applaud one person for their views if we’re not going to get off our arses and do something about it – together.

  23. Welcome to Whispers’ Cellar Cull The Nonsense.

    While change is no doubt needed, I hope we don’t get to the point where Nick Hanauer’s pitchforks become reality rather than metaphorical.

    I agree too that we MUST disconnect corporates from the political process – that’s exactly where the corruption starts from.

    I disagree with making it so that only people ‘of means’ can represent us in parliament – we need to enable a broader range of representation, rather than a narrow rich class.

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