Karma LNP Karma !

I was going to call this post Karma Tony Karma !. However the actions of the last few weeks have changed that, as it is not only Tony that is feeling the heat of Karma but also the LNP everywhere, even the Country Liberals are in panic mode.

It seems they are imploding all over the place. The leader of the LNP in VIC was changed before the last election. The leader of the CLP in NT was deposed and the current leader had a coup against him which backfired and he has stayed. The leader in NSW is not the leader from the last election. All of these changes made to elected leaders of the LNP and they claim the high moral ground in politics.

While I live in a very safe LNP seat it looks like the LNP has lost up here in QLD to the utter amazement of all, including myself. I had wished for a hung parliament in my previous blog. Never in my wildest dreams imagining it would happen this year but rather in 3 years time. The LNP had such a massive majority it seemed untenable. With swings of up to 38% ( yes 38%) the LNP and Campbell Newman managed to achieve the impossible, an almost 50% loss of seats.

Now it is the Federal Leaders turn and actually Tony Abbott is the one who deserves it the most.

Why do they deserve it ?.

THEY LIED. They lied and lied and lied to get elected. It really is nothing more than that. Because all the lies are what has constituted the unfair budget, the attacks on Medicare, the attacks on the ABC and SBS, the attacks on the Poor and the attacks on our Education System. No new Taxes ( increase in Fuel Tax). No forced Public Service Redundancies (many forced redundancies). Claim of Mandate to get rid of 12,000 Public Servants. Now 16,000 gone, but more advisers and media spin doctors recruited to the LNP. Maintain Landcare Funding. Funding Slashed. Far too many to list all of them here.

Each attack is based on a lie and broken promise. The biggest lie of all was No Surprises, because all of us would have to agree there have been so many surprises that they actually outweigh what we did know prior to the last election.

Usually swinging voters comprise up to 20% of an electorate at most. So with swings of up to 38% in QLD it shows how many voters the LNP actually managed to alienate.

While there are many other reasons people will use to justify why Tony should go, and many of them are valid, it is the lies that will be his undoing.

He was such a negative and disgraceful Opposition Leader attempting to undermine the elected government of the day each and every single Question Time it was an utter contempt to watch.

To now ask the ALP to act in a bipartisan way to passing policy ( especially when it is breaking promises the LNP made at the last election) is the height of hypocrisy and gall of the man and the LNP.

The Government of Honesty, Integrity, No Surprises, Honouring Commitments and doing what we said we would do has been reduced to a shambles because they were all lies.

Having said that I was amazed at Annastasia in QLD saying prior to the election she would do no deals with the Independents and my wrath was directed at her in my last blog. Now here we are, Annastasia is breaking her first firm commitment which will now be a broken promise or Lie.

We also had Lawrence this morning saying each elected member of parliament deserves full respect as they are elected by their constituents. Pity your LNP didn’t adhere to those comments for the last 3 years instead of being the horrible, bitter, mean and greedy twisted members you were under Campbell when it came to anyone outside the LNP.

My hope is that Annastasia becomes the new Premier, but only with the help of Peter Wellington who can keep things more honest, especially given the release of his agreement with the ALP today. This shows his honesty and integrity. Peter is also calling for the CMC to be overhauled and become more like the ICAC in NSW. He has demanded donations go back to $1,000 for declaration.

My hope for things Federally is that Tony Abbott stays leader until the next election. He deserves the humiliation that Campbell Newman suffered. He is a liar and, as I have written previously Swinging Voters do not like liars. He deserves to be the leader when the LNP is humiliatingly defeated at the next election as he is the reason for it. People have switched off and I cannot for the life of me see it being switched back on, no matter what happens.

The ALP at all levels had also better learn from this and tell the truth, respect Independents and Minor Parties and be a good government for all.


Twelve observations from the Queensland Election




The following is a post by Dr David Pascoe BVSc PhD OVH Repro, originally posted on facebook, reproduced here with permission. Dr Pascoe, who runs a veterinary clinic in Oakey, Queensland, has been successfully exposing the political and corporate greed and corruption behind the destruction and sale of our farmlands for quite some time now.


1. That the media had little or no idea what really happened on Saturday night – they knew as much as a flock of galahs. Their convenient fall-back position was to blame it on Abbott – a theme that came directly out of the Canberra Press Gallery – “so it must be right”.

The media have no clue about the real issues that affected Qld and what really drove the rage of the election. The truth is that both the state and national media have never shown either the spine nor the stomach to expose it.

The role of the Courier Mail and the Sunday mail in desperately trying to protect the LNP and keep them in power was shameless – and needs to be publicly condemned.

2. That Tony Abbot is the real cause for the rout in the Qld election is completely ludicrous : Abbott hardly had a clue what was really going on in Qld, no matter how many times it has been warned to him . In July last year, for instance, in a speech at the LNP State Conference he stood up and called Newman “’a great leader”:

3. That Bruce McIvor, President of the LNP and a primary architect of the whole election disaster told the media that he “’feels for the families of the politicians”. So why didn’t the apparently compassionate Mr McIvor have anything to say about the families of farmers being terrorized off their farms by miners and banks? Did he feel for them the same way? Or was that reserved for the comfortably off families of politicians because they were known to him?

4. That Newman shamelessly pork barrelled his own electorate – the suggestion is between $16 to 24 million – while the rest of Queensland was begging to have potholes filled in their streets. His matter was constantly abrasive, abusive and arrogant. Right across Qld, people reported what they called ‘The Hitler factor”- when ordinary working people struggled to express their rage and enunciate the right word to describe Newman. Inevitably, the word ‘Hitler’ was repeated over and over. Ordinary people felt as if they had no say, that they didn’t matter.

5. That Newman – in his farewell speech – only showed a glimpse of emotion when he mentioned his police protection detail. Why? Did he explain that this “police protection detail” consisted not of one or two police but rather, he was surrounded by several police at all times? Why did he really need so many? And why did he suddenly feign surprise that the public didn’t like him?

6. That in every community – right across Queensland – someone knew about something they believed to be corrupt. These cases were not linked. They were not discussed. The electorates were not linked – but the rage and the size of the swing was consistent. This is what is called ‘uniform’- even if the political experts don’t understand it themselves.

7. That the Party system is clearly controlled by the Corporates, the Unions and big donors. The party system is dedicated to destroying any emergence of quality Independents. They were not able to get a story in a local paper: they simply refused to publish them. Was this an editorial decision? So who controls the editor? Who owns the newspaper? What is the real relationship between the corporate owners and the political parties?

8. That the LNP targeted certain seats and shamelessly spent from their massive secret stash to literally pulverise their opponents. One of their primary targets was Dr Alex Douglas (Independent Gaven), a man of great integrity and ability who knew where many of the LNP skeletons were buried. Some reports estimate that the party spent close on a million dollars in spam, phone calls, texts and advertising to smash the vote of Douglas – and that was only in the last few days before the polls.

Other targets included the seat of Lockyer – where the belligerent and abusive Ian Rickuss was re-elected – and Toowoomba North – where ‘Steady Eddie” Trevor Watts was elected – and Nicklin – where they failed to destroy Peter Wellington.

9. That Deb Frecklington managed to increase her vote in Nanango – which proves the seductive power of a charming liar. While the entire nation now understands what really went on with New Hope State Three and the massive cash donations paid to the LNP, Frecklington nonetheless still managed to convince a trusting country community that she was the one left smelling of roses.

Now she has lost both the mentoring of Newman – and the pleasures of being in Government – and so her own particular Pollyanna story is about to change.

10. That Rob Katter and Shane Knuth still managed to win massive majorities in traditional Labor electorates – such as Mt Isa – or formerly rural electorates such as Dalrymple that are now dominated by large Labor communities such as Moranbah – is amazing testament to their performance and credibility .

11. That both political parties completely underestimated the power of social media and were unable to shut down its freedom of speech. The suggestion that truth could be told from an entirely different quarter caught them all flat-footed: the LNP had the Murdoch Media – Courier Mail and the Sunday Mail – all stitched up, as they did the APN regional newspapers (the cheer squad for the mining industry because of their reliance on advertising) as well as Channel 7 and Channel 9 (in particular).

12.. That the State of Queensland is angry, dislocated – and the economy is up the creek. Mining has NOT been the saviour that the Queensland people were promised – instead, it has destroyed prime farm land and precious water resources. It has destroyed farmers, families and entire communities. And the voters have responded accordingly.



The Queensland Election in review



Friend of the Cellar and lurker, “Bruce” gives us his take on last night’s events.

Today I’m suffering.  For some reason I’m in a drug and alcohol dependence unit in a Brisbane Hospital.  I think it has something to do with the drinking game we were playing last night.  You see we believed Campbell Newman had a strong plan for Queensland and that people would see the sense in it despite losing the income from profit making assets for the next 99 years and the probability that my grandkids or their kids would have to pay to re-purchase any asset that had been improved over that time.  We also believed Newman when he said that he wouldn’t be reducing any more government services – despite the wholesale reduction in services that was not flagged at the last election.  We believed Newman when he said that investing $100million in a railway to allow an Indian Company to export coal (in an era where the major coal consumers are claiming they will reduce consumption) was a good idea.  We also believed that Newman – despite having ransacked the Brisbane City Council while Mayor and being elected to state parliament for the first time in 2012 had considerably more experience than that nice but ineffective Palaszczuk lady who only became the Opposition Leader because she had the cleanest licence to drive the opposition’s Government Toyota Tarago after the last election.

So a few of us decided to have a drinking game.  Bacchus kindly (after a few protests about quality and quantity) agreed to hook up a keg of XXXX ‘heavy’ beer to the tap in the Whispers Cellar and the rule was to drink a pint of beer every time Antony Green declared on the ABC that a seat had changed hands.  Given our belief that Newman was right – we thought a few seats might change hands and we would end up somewhat happy but certainly healthy this morning.

You could say we were barely set up for the night when Anthony Green declared that Ipswich was gone.  Fair enough, we surmised, Ipswich is a traditional ALP seat, which was always going to correct itself.  The ABC hosts turned to Wayne Swan and Tim Nicholls for comment.  Both ALP Swan and LNP Nicholls put their iPads down for long enough to suggest that it was early days and the night was long.  However I doubt that Swan or Nicholls were looking at ebay to purchase something funded by the appearance fee they were being paid.  Swan was smiling and Nicholls looked worried.  Antony Green announced that his computer was reporting double digit swings across the state but he didn’t believe it.  He should have more faith in his system – after all he designed it – we thought.  Despite his doubts in his computer system, Green declared a few more seats had fallen to the ALP – we had a few more pints.

An hour or so later, we had a line of full pint glasses in front of us that you couldn’t jump over.  Green had regained faith in is trusty computer, you couldn’t get the smile of Swan’s face and (at the risk of scoring a Godwin) Nicholls was sounding like Hitler in the Berlin bunker in 1945 when surrounded by the Russian Army.  Nicholls was suggesting the numbers are a concern but we will overcome this temporary setback and Campbell Newman will lead us to victory.  Newman conceded about 10 minutes later.  We poured another pint.

By this stage, we had no clean glasses in the Whispers Cellar and well – we weren’t feeling the best.  We did see Tim Nicholls leave (to direct the imaginary armies above the bunker?) and Federal LNP member for Ryan, Jane Prentice,  came aboard to try and make sense of the rout that was occurring around her.  Maybe it was the haze we were in but we were sure she was suggesting that Abbott had a big problem as a result of this election result.  Swan gleefully suggested that Newman and Abbott were leaders in a similar style – and that Abbott had more than a big problem here.

About this time, the beers took over and while we remember Palaszczuk coming to a microphone, deliberately not claiming victory but going on to tell everyone how she will run a government – we’re not sure of the detail.

So here we are.  Sorry Bacchus, we didn’t get a chance to clean up after ourselves before the ambulances arrived.  The saline drip in the arm is restoring my fluid balance, the anti-nausea drugs are starting to kick in – and the doctor says I should be right in about two weeks.

Nurse – can I have some more Panadol yet?


Whispers Cellar doesn’t condone excessive drinking – regardless of the provocation.  “Bruce is currently in a Brisbane Hospital and should make a full recovery – but is being assessed for a liver transplant in the future.