Karma LNP Karma !

I was going to call this post Karma Tony Karma !. However the actions of the last few weeks have changed that, as it is not only Tony that is feeling the heat of Karma but also the LNP everywhere, even the Country Liberals are in panic mode.

It seems they are imploding all over the place. The leader of the LNP in VIC was changed before the last election. The leader of the CLP in NT was deposed and the current leader had a coup against him which backfired and he has stayed. The leader in NSW is not the leader from the last election. All of these changes made to elected leaders of the LNP and they claim the high moral ground in politics.

While I live in a very safe LNP seat it looks like the LNP has lost up here in QLD to the utter amazement of all, including myself. I had wished for a hung parliament in my previous blog. Never in my wildest dreams imagining it would happen this year but rather in 3 years time. The LNP had such a massive majority it seemed untenable. With swings of up to 38% ( yes 38%) the LNP and Campbell Newman managed to achieve the impossible, an almost 50% loss of seats.

Now it is the Federal Leaders turn and actually Tony Abbott is the one who deserves it the most.

Why do they deserve it ?.

THEY LIED. They lied and lied and lied to get elected. It really is nothing more than that. Because all the lies are what has constituted the unfair budget, the attacks on Medicare, the attacks on the ABC and SBS, the attacks on the Poor and the attacks on our Education System. No new Taxes ( increase in Fuel Tax). No forced Public Service Redundancies (many forced redundancies). Claim of Mandate to get rid of 12,000 Public Servants. Now 16,000 gone, but more advisers and media spin doctors recruited to the LNP. Maintain Landcare Funding. Funding Slashed. Far too many to list all of them here.

Each attack is based on a lie and broken promise. The biggest lie of all was No Surprises, because all of us would have to agree there have been so many surprises that they actually outweigh what we did know prior to the last election.

Usually swinging voters comprise up to 20% of an electorate at most. So with swings of up to 38% in QLD it shows how many voters the LNP actually managed to alienate.

While there are many other reasons people will use to justify why Tony should go, and many of them are valid, it is the lies that will be his undoing.

He was such a negative and disgraceful Opposition Leader attempting to undermine the elected government of the day each and every single Question Time it was an utter contempt to watch.

To now ask the ALP to act in a bipartisan way to passing policy ( especially when it is breaking promises the LNP made at the last election) is the height of hypocrisy and gall of the man and the LNP.

The Government of Honesty, Integrity, No Surprises, Honouring Commitments and doing what we said we would do has been reduced to a shambles because they were all lies.

Having said that I was amazed at Annastasia in QLD saying prior to the election she would do no deals with the Independents and my wrath was directed at her in my last blog. Now here we are, Annastasia is breaking her first firm commitment which will now be a broken promise or Lie.

We also had Lawrence this morning saying each elected member of parliament deserves full respect as they are elected by their constituents. Pity your LNP didn’t adhere to those comments for the last 3 years instead of being the horrible, bitter, mean and greedy twisted members you were under Campbell when it came to anyone outside the LNP.

My hope is that Annastasia becomes the new Premier, but only with the help of Peter Wellington who can keep things more honest, especially given the release of his agreement with the ALP today. This shows his honesty and integrity. Peter is also calling for the CMC to be overhauled and become more like the ICAC in NSW. He has demanded donations go back to $1,000 for declaration.

My hope for things Federally is that Tony Abbott stays leader until the next election. He deserves the humiliation that Campbell Newman suffered. He is a liar and, as I have written previously Swinging Voters do not like liars. He deserves to be the leader when the LNP is humiliatingly defeated at the next election as he is the reason for it. People have switched off and I cannot for the life of me see it being switched back on, no matter what happens.

The ALP at all levels had also better learn from this and tell the truth, respect Independents and Minor Parties and be a good government for all.


64 comments on “Karma LNP Karma !

  1. I agree Shane that Peter Wellington is a breath of fresh air, a chance of allowing Qld to get it right – especially when it comes to the CMC and political donations.

    I watch with interest at what the Katter boys are up to though – if they’re not careful, they could be a destabilising force, doing more harm than good. Fair enough they should negotiate with their constituents in mind, but they must also be bigger than that – they must look at the common good for all of Qld.

  2. Bacchus. I hope the Katter boys think long and hard at the way they were treated by the LNP with their funding removed and being ridiculed. It was a disgrace and to think they could go back to the negotiating table with Lawrence Springborg who was part of the previous leadership astounds me. I would have told them to Fu#k Off until the next election in 2018 when they might have had some manners for 3 years.

  3. Bacchus. Peter Wellington reminds me of Peter Andren. Honest, Decent, Only for the good of the country, not greedy, a true servant not a self centred career egotist. A good man who can bring about a bit of restoration of decency to Parliament.

  4. Hockey now talking about bracket creep. Also tax cuts, I fail to see, with such low wages growth where any great bracket creep is coming from. Hockey doing live at link above.

    Budget=tax cuts=early election. Will be releasing intergenerational report later this month.

  5. as delicious as it would be to see abbott and the lnp voted out at the next election, for the sake of the country it would be better to either call a double dissolution now to remove them all or, at the very least, get rid of abbott and hope that a new prime minister will lead the country in a way that we can all be proud.

  6. It is sad that Abbott has turned out just as most on these sites expected. I always believed he was only there to get elected, would disappear quickly after taking office. He has stayed longer that I expected.

    Maybe there plan was to give him time to see how much extreme neo-liberal policies he could get through, before the public demanded he go. Seems to be the case.

    I love it, when Nikki Savva said on RN, that Tony was a decent man and would not do a Rudd. Seems in her opinion, he is too nice for that. His history does not back up her belief.

    There does not appear to be even one journalist cheering for him.

  7. Welcome to Whispers’ Cellar Gary 🙂

    To some extent I agree, we must get rid of Abbott, but I can’t see the Liberals pulling a DD any time soon, and even if they replace Abbott, the underlying problem (policies) still remains.

  8. There are rumblings that if Malcolm Turnbull wins the leadership next week he will go to a DD. This does a few things.
    1) If the LNP win, it resets the LNP from their current extreme right wing agenda and brings them back to more centre right policies.
    2) It endorses the decision to change the leadership and also reinforces Malcolms more middle road policies and leadership.
    3) It silences the tea party and right wing extremists who claim the LNP have a mandate to implement all the lies they told at the last election simply on the word of fix the budget.
    4) It allows Malcolm to steer the party back to the middle and to remove the extreme element from the leadership.
    5) It removes one of the best cards the ALP has at the moment.

  9. Hi Gary and welcome.
    It would be delicious to see Abbott stay until the next election as I believe he is the most toxic parliamentarian we have ever had. Seeing him decimated would simply be the best Karma. However I do not think the LNP will allow that to happen, while there is always hysteria in the Media it is the people you talk to ( other than rusted ons of either side) who are saying he has to go, they are saying he has simply lied once too many times. They are saying he is worse than what they booted out. I truly think Abbott will be gone before the next election.

  10. The problem for Malcolm (and Julie Bishop) is the “deals” that seem to being offered for supporting him – dropping support for an ETS, same sex marriage – the right wing of the Liberal party still has firm control.

    At this stage, I reckon Abbott will survive the party room meeting next week. How much longer he lasts though…

  11. Yes it seems that they are selling their own moral standards to remove the biggest moral hurdle they have. The leader who told far too many lies to get elected and is beholden to the right wing extremists.

    If I was Turnbull I would not compromise on anything. I would just bide my time until they come running. It really only will be a matter of time. Abbott and Hockey are simply spouting white noise to ears that have shut. They have destroyed their credibility and it will never be salvaged.

  12. Happening faster than expected. Leadership Spill motion has been confirmed for Tuesday. Abbott must be gone or the party will implode even further.

  13. Just saw Julie Bishop and Christopher Pyne on the telly acting as thought they know nothing. If they are contenders for the leadership when the spill happens on Tuesday, then they will be shown to have been liars once again.

  14. If I was Turnbull I would not compromise on anything. I would just bide my time until they come running. It really only will be a matter of time.

    This is spot on Shane. The spill motion next week may or may not get up, and even if it does, will Tony Abbott get booted? I’ll say “no” at this stage, but it should be noted that I also said there’d be no way Labor could possibly form government in Qld from a starting point of nine seats 😉

  15. Agree Bacchus otherwise he cannot succeed. I think he might know that. He still has to live down NBN and last nights effort suggests that will not change. telling the crowd fast speed not necessary. here on the coast among business is a desire to build a high speed hub. To do that, they need to continue what has begun.

    Many of those speaking out, including Robb are saying the surprises have to go. That is Dutton’s attack on Medicare. Pyne’s on education.

    Today we have bad predictions from RBA. The economy from now on is where the focus needs to be.

    Kenneth saying problems getting budget through was both substance and style. No senate.

    Maybe those not supporting Abbott, not only want him gone, but most of the ministers. If this is true, Turnbull should have a free rein. Except for same sex marriage.. The other is a so called carbon tax. Easy to bring Direct Action up op scratch, using what remains of CEF suite of bills.

    Shorten should snub his nose at the Nationals. Would probably score brownie points in do so long time since that mob was the tail that shook the dog.

    The question is, whether it is only Abbott on the nose, or the likes Cormann, Morrison, Pyne, Abetz, Brandis etc. Those sitting in cabinet.

  16. Bacchus, what annoys me, is those who are rewriting history, saying this is not norm for both parties.

    I still recall how long t took for the

    Liberal Party to find a stable leader after Menzies retired,

    What is occurring, is a sign of a healthy democracy. What has occurred with this government over the last 16 months, with not one word of dissent, is not healthy.

    It seems that many in this government have the same opinion of what many here, and the public in general have. They do not like it. What’s more they were as much in the dark, as the rest of us. Having no input into it’s contents. Abbott sat in and control every meeting in relation to that budget.

  17. Gutless winder, once again claiming public voted for the team. Sorry, does not one have a appointment of front bench after the election. Asking Bishop to stand beside him to defeat the motion. Many in his government has already said they do not accept Abbott’s view.

    It is the party that hires and fires. Abbott is writing his own rules.

    The norm is for the leader in this position to declare positions vacant.

    Mr Abbott, our form of government is the Westminster system.

    I would say Mr Abbott has now lost a lot more support.

  18. It is interesting that the spill motion is coming from WA. Many would say that it is interesting to note Bishop’s position as an contender and as an West Aussie…….but one, also, wonders… remember Christian Porter, the supposed up and comer, he left WA state politics to enter federal politics…. interesting times indeed.

  19. The public also elected Rudd and Gillard and Abbott spent his whole time in Opposition trying to destroy the elected government of the day. I hope he survives and faces the next election for a major loss and hopefully lose his own seat as well. Attack dog style politics full of lies and deception just has to go and the leader in this field is sadly our current PM.

  20. What I find hypocritical is that the LNP demanded secret ballots for unions elections and proposed industrial action. Now the LNP leader has a choice of Secret Ballot of Show of Hands. What a bunch of useless thugs. Do as I demand not as I do.

  21. Am I dreaming, or is Pyne and Bishop out today, visiting her old school. Maybe in SA not WA.

    How in hell having a vote to clear things up s seen as being instable. One would think, those who are dissenting have their concerns raised.

    Under the Constitution. each electorate votes a MP to represent them. They then meet in the parliament, to make the government work. Yes, who ever garners the votes on the floor of the lower house, form a government. The leader elected in the party room, of that party becomes PM.

    That is how it has always worked. There has been a long history of changing leaders over time. In fact there has only been four PM that I can think of, that had the job for any length of time.

    Why not be like most PM’s when challenged, call the spill themselves. If he has confidence of the party, he will win. If not, he should go. There is little evidence that he has the confidence of the public.

    That is the way democracy works under the Westminster system.

    Mr Howard, in the past, said that one ios only PM ass long as they have the confidence of the party room. If this disappears, so does the PM.

    The dissenters have raised many serious complaints. Little to do with the Prince Phillip knighthood. They are talking about the budget surprises Abbott has introduced. None have raised the poor poll number, that have been trending down for the last twelve months.

    We have never has such a poor PM fro day one of being elected. The first four or so months he kept himself hidden away. Even now, no one is allow within his government to talk on his actions, without permission. A government of secrecy, like we have never seen before.

    Many are rewriting our political history today, to justify their actions.

  22. The only way to put this to bed, is for a spill. The public deserves such a action to be taken.

  23. They are still out, using Labor as an excuse to make themselves look better.

    As Shorten said today, that is history, adding that Labor paid dearly for any mistakes they made. Yes, indeed they did. Yes, PM Gillard took the defeat on the chin.

  24. I have been watching ABC24 and seeing all of the LNP members commenting. They are all spouting the same rhetoric that they have since being elected. They are using the same words as the Newman Government using Strong, Leadership, Team. It all was ignored by voters in QLD and it will be ignored Federally as well. They are not addressing the major issue which is the Lies they told and the far too numerous surprises of the so called government of no surprises.

  25. For heavens sake stop the comments “we can communicate better” it is not your communication it is your broken promises. You cannot communicate a Lie any better. You cannot communicate a broken promise any better. You can apologise and admit your lies but you seem incapable of admitting them when the voters can see them standing out like dogs balls.

  26. Though I would dearly love to see abbott, finally, get the comeuppance he so richly deserves, I would hope he hangs on, at this point, until after the NSW state election……. then dump the piece of shit. 👿
    If the ‘spill’ succeeds on Tuesday it may give the NSW libtards an fighting chance….. if the abbott does survive the ‘spill’ then the NSW liars party are gone.
    And on a more personal note…. I can’t seem to get the SMILE off me face. If one should hear a lot of *clink* sounds coming from the cellar, followed by some verily loud GUFFAWS 😆 ….come on down, join in…… oh and don’t forget the chips ‘n cheezel’s, *clink* 😆 🙂 😆

  27. They are saying Abbott deserves more time.. More time for what? He is saying he has changed, deserved more time. Abbott and his supporters are asking for time to prove their actions an policies will work. No mention of this rom Abbott and his cronies.

    We have Abbott seeking forgiveness and more time. More time for what? He is saying he has changed, Changed from what to what:? Has never been popular from day one.

    They are also attempting to rewrite history. Yes, saying never happened before. Saying Gorton won and election, then was deposed yeas later. Truth is, Gorton was in power around three years. He was appointed PM by his party after Holt drowned while still in the senate. Move to the lower house, quickly called another election, which he won. Was deposed fifteen months later, by casting his own vote against himself., He said, it was so close, not to do so, would lead to instability and being deposed a few weeks maybe months later.

    This government is already far down the track to instability. He needs to do as Fraser did, allow a secret vote. Could even still call the spill on, instead of fighting it.

  28. Blaming social media. All social media is the public talking among themselves. Nothing more, nothing less. No different from gossiping in the office or outside the school gate. Just quicker and more effective.

  29. All we are hearing from cabinet members, is defeating Labor. Not what is good for the country. Heard someone say, might have neo-liberal beliefs but they are there to govern for all. Politics is & always has been the art of the possible.

    Still remember watching Hayden moving Medibank through the peer house. Hit the brick wall set up by Opposition, taker a step back, find a way around. Yes, not all he wanted. Was denied funding, but Medibank emerged on the other side. Same with Howard. Was knocked out by Frazer but is still with us today, as Medicare. Same tussle Howard had with indigenous land rights, and yes GST.

    PM do not have the luxury of sitting back, whinging the Opposition will not let me.

    Mr. Abbott if you have the skills and the inclination all is doable.

  30. Might need them Bacchus, going to be a long weekend. Now have two eyes after yesterday. Just have to wait for them to settle down.

  31. Politicians have not woken up to the fact, with 24 hour news cycle and the web, they cannot afford to tell the slightest lie. Bullshit and spin is checked out immediately. There is always someone that will check every word they utter. There are many out there with good memories and great recall of history.
    This mob, listening to them today, still have not woken up to these facts.

    We now have a parade of cabinet ministers out with their spiel in support of Abbott. Wonder if they been practising all day.

  32. Had the bad one done before Christmas. Did not know the brain had to work out what was going on. Took all day to get used to the light. This one not so bad.

  33. Cu, @6.42….. I, for one, hear ya…….. just sayin. 🙂 ( deja vu @ CWU) … well said….again. 🙂
    One wonders if Manly-Warringah voters have begun to gotten to think about the up and coming by-election in their area…….. WHAT AN F’N HOOT…… one, also, wonders the name of the Greens candidate whom will ‘take’ it. 🙂
    *waves* to Maxine McKew….. for old times sake 😆

  34. Seems karma is well and truly in play.

    …….he prime minister’s pitch for survival is a plea for more time and a demand that the Liberal party not repeat the former Labor government’s chaos and dysfunction.

    But his government is already chaotic and dysfunctional. And more time to do what?

    This is how Abbott outlined his future agenda on Friday, before the dramatic news of the spill motion broke
    “The plan at the National Press Club on Monday, what we’re doing for childcare on Tuesday, improving national security on Wednesday, new laws to protect our people and keep them safe on Thursday and today a tax cut for small business.”

    Every single one of those things is either not yet a policy, is an existing policy or is contradictory nonsense.

    The “plan” at the national press club was to stick to the old talking points about the “debt and deficit disaster”, but then claim that the “hard work” had already been done by last year’s budget (which forecast bigger deficits than treasury revealed during the election campaign and included savings policies that have not passed, and almost certainly will not pass, the Senate).

    This disconnect becomes even starker when you factor in slower growth and lower revenue forecasts. Avoiding big cuts makes political and economic sense, but if a return to surplus is more than a decade away, the “debt disaster” lines might need to be toned down a bit

    The “childcare plan” to deliver “more money into families’ pockets” supposedly revealed on Tuesday, has not in fact been revealed at all. It will be based on the recommendations of the Productivity Commission, but the government hasn’t released the final report which it received last October. Which seems to make all these visits to childcare centres to talk about a “new policy” a bit premature.

    The recommendations of the draft report were sound, but would cost about $1bn more than the current $7bn a year spent by the commonwealth on childcare subsidies, and propose a means test that would mean better-off families receive less cash. That is fair and a good idea, but also a difficult political sell. And under the government’s new fiscal rules, which appear to be that there should be no more cuts except to offset new spending, it would also require spending to be cut from somewhere.


    Everything about Abbott is fraudulent.

  35. Big day today. Suspect Abbott will hold on. This government is unique, in that it never had a honeymoon as far a popularity and polls. Not one poll better than election result for them. Has been trending down since November of that year. Turnbull is not the answer.

    When Abbott enters QT this afternoon, the Opposition should ignore him completely. Not ask one question.

    It only dawned on this PM last night, that he is in deep trouble.

    The most pathetic sight yesterday was seeing him in China Town with wife and daughter. Seems Madam chair and Ruddock were there to meet them. No explanation what it was about.

  36. Until the LNP admit they lied to get elected and reverse all the policies they did not tell us about the stench will remain. It will be very interesting today to find out who is our PM. I actually hope Tony will survive as he will be destroyed at the next election. If Malcolm gets elected he will have had to have sold his soul and his integrity to the tea party and that would be a very sad thing to happen. Malcolm needs to let the cards fall where they may and just bide his time. I think he is actually foolish if he puts his hand up now.

  37. I heard Janet Albrechsten speaking on the ABC radio yesterday. I know she is right wing however what was very sad is that she said we know politicians lie. The thing is they don’t have to and who trusts a liar. She should have pointed out that they should not lie. Not just simply resign us to the fact that they do to support the LNP. Very very disappointed in her analysis.

  38. Mixed feelings about Abbott surviving this morning – it’s good in a way that he will continue on his merry way, becoming more and more unpopular, BUT destroying who knows what while he’s at it.

    There’s also the matter of a successful challenge closer to when the election is due, allowing a new PM to call an election during a honeymoon period and before too many wake up that changing jockeys hasn’t changed the underlying policies.

  39. When is the next federal election?

    The House of Representatives expires three years after its first meeting but can be dissolved earlier. The latest possible date for the next House of Representatives election is 14 January 2017.

    The terms of senators elected for six years in 2010 expire on 30 June 2017. The earliest possible date for the next half-Senate election is 6 August 2016 and the latest possible date is 13 May 2017.

    The earliest possible date for the next simultaneous House of Representatives and half-Senate election is 6 August 2016 and the latest possible date is 14 January 2017.


    So without a DD or getting the two houses out of sync, the earliest a normal election of both houses can be held is 6 August 2016. At that rate, the ideal time to boot Abbott is May or June 2016 – that’s a long time for him to be continually shooting himself in the foot!

    Could he possibly last that long?

  40. Bacchus. I am glad Tony survived as he can be turfed at the next election. No matter what he does or what he says the voters have switched off ( well the swinging voters anyway and they are the ones that really matter). He lied once too often, he broke one too many promises and he told one too many slogans.

  41. Nothing has changed. They lie to us. Abbott still repeating lies. ACOSS says they need to talk. When it comes to Medicare, more that doctors need talking to.

    ACOSS are saying his promise of consult… communications s not about selling their policies. It is about getting the policies right.

    Commission audit with no community input. Budget formulated behind closed doors, without public input. Reports that belong to the public kept hidden.


    The Reserve Bank made its view about economic growth clear on Tuesday. Here’s what it said when it cut rates an hour or two before its governor briefed Cormann and others in cabinet: “In Australia the available information suggests that growth is continuing at a below-trend pace, with domestic demand growth overall quite weak.”

    It’s weak and it’s bleak. It isn’t heading “in the right direction”.

    Looking ahead, the Reserve Bank expects growth to remain “a little below trend for somewhat longer, and the rate of unemployment peak a little higher, than earlier expected.” Unemployment has climbed from a quarterly rate of 5.3 per cent at the end of 2012 to 5.8 per cent at the end of 2013 to 6.2 per cent at the end of 2014. We get the first figures for 2015 on Thursday.

    Unemployment is worse than it was at the peak of the global financial crisis. The Reserve Bank expects it to get worse still.

    Hockey and Cormann will tell you that while unemployment is growing, employment is too. But it’s not, really. The number of hours worked per month grew barely at all throughout 2014. More people may have been employed at the end of the year than the start but on average they’ve been working less, some shifting to part-time work and others to fewer hours of full-time work. Disturbingly, the Reserve Bank says the number of hours worked per month has scarcely changed since December 2011 despite three years of population growth.

    None of these facts would surprise anyone in business or anyone looking for a job. What would surprise them would be to hear from the team at the top that things are “heading in the right direction”. It would make them think they were being lied to.

    When trust vanishes, it’s awfully hard to restore. That’s because it vanishes slowly. Joe Hockey’s first budget was far worse than it seemed on the night in part because he didn’t tell us the truth about it on the night. The usual calculations showing the households that won or lost were missing. The Treasury had prepared them as usual, but the Treasurer withheld them.

    And he made up stuff. He said Treasury had told him that fuel excise was “a progressive tax”. It hadn’t. He said the poorest Australians “either don’t have cars or actually don’t drive very far in many cases,” something many of them know to be untrue. Petrol takes up a much bigger share of a low-income budgets than high-income budgets.

    He said his own wealthy electorate of North Sydney had “one of the highest bulk-billing rates in Australia”. It had one of the very lowest in all of Sydney. He said “higher income households pay half their income in tax”. They pay nothing like half. Even those on $200,000 pay just 36 per cent. Back from his holidays this January, he revived the claim and went further ……


  42. And as long as they keep lying to us, they will be comprehensively flogged at the 2016 election. BUT we need Bill Shorten & Co. to quietly remind everyone about these lies. A lie oft repeated becomes a truism – just look at the “Liberals are better economic managers” mantra…

  43. Bachuss out today. Doing good job of explaining where Labor is coming from. Conroy and Wong attacking Andrews on subs.

    Head ACOSS been on ABC RN. Worth following up

    Then of course their is Albo enjoying himself.

  44. Listening to Andrews. Nothing has changed. Nothing but weasel word, along with ail Labor’s fault. We have a backbencher in Edwards challenging what was said.

  45. ……..As a result, Australia’s investment in renewable energy declined by 88 per cent in 2014, to the lowest level since 2002, with our global ranking falling 28 places from 11th to 39th. Meanwhile 2014 saw us coming second worst out of 61 countries on the Climate Change Performance Index, and the worst performing industrialised country, a drop of 21 places, with only Saudi Arabia beneath us..


    More evidence that repealing CEF and so called carbon tax has led to loss of jobs. Abetz claimed once again, carbon tax led to lost of jobs. Where is his evidence.

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