About Us

Whispers’ Cellar is a light hearted blog initially designed as a meeting place for those who used to meet at Michael Taylor’s Café Whispers blog before Michael got too busy with his excellent AIMN site and more study. Those who are familiar with Café Whispers will recognise that the name Whispers’ Cellar stems from some of the banter at the Café about goings on in its well-stocked cellar.

While this is designed to be a fun place, some serious discussion can be hoped for at times.

Before some dopey, anally retentive right-whinger starts rabbiting on about this not being an “independent” site or being obviously biased and “left oriented” – get over yourself. We are owned by nobody (independent) and just like any other blog (even right-whinge sites), we are entitled to publish (or reject as crap) opinions as we choose.


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