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  1. Any idea what you are going to focus on. Maybe time to ignore Abbott, concentrating on what needs to happen. Maybe even look at what Labor is actually saying. I believe Abbott will manage to bring himself and government down without anyone’s help.

    Getting a new message out, is harder. There is a need to bring many Labor supporters back on board.

    Just a thought.

  2. Given we have NSW and QLD elections due in the first half of the year, maybe we could look at these? You’re right about looking at what needs to be done – I think TPS will do an excellent job of that this year. The TPS format lends itself to more in-depth and thoughtful pieces. Maybe the Cellar can generate some ideas for deeper discussion by the authors there.

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  4. Both in March it seems. Would be treading on new ground, if Labor won either. Not usual after only one election. Taking into account the margins Labor lost by, one would consider it to be impossible. Even if they come close, it should ne seen as a victory.

    I have a feeling, that leaders can be unpopular and still win. History shows this. What is occurring now, is that leaders are unpopular, but those that stand behind them are more on the nose.

  5. Bacchus, maybe some work on how the system works. Knowledge of the Constitution does not seem to be widespread. There is no understanding of the importance of convention or even the law. When it comes to this mob, all has been trashed. Separation of powers is being abused. The house is mislead every day in QT. Nothing is sacred or respected.

    It about more than party politics. It is about more than lies. People are confused. Looking at the response to the Lindl siege, many are concerned, not buying the spin. This unrest needs to be harvest.

    I am not sure what I am trying to say. If I keep rambling on., I might get somewhere.

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