Queensland Election 2015


That’s it – votes have been cast and the counting can begin. Early news suggests that Labor could actually win government tonight. Dare we dream?

An early exit poll shows a statewide swing of 16.8%.

The premier’s seat of Ashgrove is showing Kate Jones with a 2PP lead of 56% to 44%. Good bye Campbell. Don’t let the door hit your @r$e on the way out.

7:25 edit.

Antony Green has Labor winning 42, LNP 36 at this stage.


8:30 update

I’ll tentatively open a second bottle of red 😀 It’s still looking possible that Labor could form government after this election. It’s interesting (and entertaining) watching the rhetoric of the LNP commentators in denial of what’s happening. We’ve even got the idiotic Tim Nicholls bringing up the hoary old “you never brought in a surplus budget” with Wayne Swan. (ABC)

Similar squabbling over on channel 7 – haven’t bothered watching 9.

8:50 update

Contrasted nicely with an excellent victory speech by Kate Jones in Ashgrove.

10:00 update

All right Campbell – you’re yesterday’s man. Let’s hear from Annastacia!